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• Skin Care/Preparation * Beauty Makeup Application * Conceptual/Fashion Makeup Application *Prosthetic Makeup Application * Prosthetic Makeup Painting * Trauma/Injury Simulation * Character Makeups * Body Painting * Airbrush Beauty Makeup Application * Airbrush Special Makeup Application * Beauty Makeup Design * Creature Makeup Design * Character Makeup Design * Practical Blood Gag Rigging * Expedient and Efficient Application * Color Theory and Mixing * Accurate Research for Design * Continuity Maintenance * Department Budgeting * Team Management & Scheduling * Sanitation and Safety * Training & Instruction


Lorelei – Hair and Makeup Department Head

Timmy Failure (Disney Studios) – Additional Makeup Artist

Alone – Makeup Artist and Prosthetic Makeup Artist

The Mortuary Collection – Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Losing Addison – Hair and Makeup Department Head

Prospect – Additional Special Makeup Artist

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time – Makeup Artist & Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Deet 'n Bax Save Th World – Prosthetic Makeup Artist & Practical Gag Rigging/Execution

Vicious – Makeup Department Head

Exorcist: The Fallen – Makeup Department Head


Old Spice (Web Spot) – Life Casting and Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Weight Watchers “How I Freestyle” (National Ad Campaign) – Hair and Makeup Artist for Portland segment

Video Call Santa - North Pole Command Center 2017 & 2018 Updates (Phone App) – Hair and Makeup Artist

Facebook “Couch Skiing” (Web Spot) – Hair and Makeup Artist

Leif's Auto Collision Repair (Regional Ad Spot) – Prosthetic Makeup Lead


Trinkets – Additional Makeup Artist

The Perfectionists – Additional Makeup Artist

Shrill (Hulu) – Additional Makeup Artist

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant (MTV) – Interview Makeup Artist

Staties (ABC Studios – Pilot) – Makeup Artist

Chaldea (Mixed Media/Web Release) – Makeup Artist & Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Z Nation (SyFy Channel) Seasons 2, 3, & 4 - Makeup Artist, Prosthetic Makeup Artist, & Practical Gag Rigging/Execution

JourneyQuest (Amazon Prime) Season 3 & 3.5 – Hair & Makeup Department Head

Everything Sucks (Netflix) – Additional Makeup Artist (Background)

My Parents Are on Tinder (Pilot) – Makeup Department Head

Wizard Wednesday (Pilot) – Makeup Department Head


Laura Gibson – Domestication – Makeup Department Head

The Lyric Project: Season 2 – Makeup Artist, Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Prop Fabrication

Sarah Cleary - “In Love With Yourself” Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Into the Flood - “Death Posture” Makeup Designer, Prosthetic Design & Fabrication, Makeup Artist

Cooper & the Jam - “Cut the Body Loose” Body Painter

Additional work history and references available upon request